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Aware of the massive arrival of the women in the work force, Ménage-Aide has created in 1983 , a concept  that  offers a  home cleaning service on a regular basis. This much needed help was welcome , both by women and their families.

Conscious of the ethic and the desire to offer to our clients, the most professional service we,  Ménage-Aide in 1983 became a member of the " Better Business Bureau " and since the very beginning, we have  shown a most ethic behavior  and therefore has earned an intact reputation.

In 1988, we have develop a concept of franchises where the franchisees of Ménage-Aide must “personally” do the work plan at every service of his clients in their home.

In Quebec, Ménage-Aide  is recognized as the leader in home cleaning on a regular basis and has been associated in the past with various kind of promotion with LA PRESSE , TELE-MEDIA CITE FM & CKAC.

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